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Board Butter - Food Safe Wood Maintenance
Board Butter - Food Safe Wood Maintenance
Mountain River Wood Co.

Board Butter - Food Safe Wood Maintenance

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Has your cutting board or charcuterie board started to look dry or weathered?

Freshen it up with our Mountain River Wood Co. Board Butter!

Made from 100% food safe ingredients, this blend of food grade mineral oil, pure beeswax, and essential oil will help your boards get back to their original beauty.

When wood doesn't have a protective seal coating (polyurethane, lacquer, etc), over time it will dry out. Unfortunately, these finishes are generally not food safe, so they are great for furniture but bad for boards that will have food contact. Regular wetness, washing with soap, extra heat, and chopping will all cause the wood to weather more quickly.

The easiest way to maintain your cutting board is to regularly apply some kind of oil product to re-moisturize the wood. You do have to be careful as not all oil products are safe for food contact. A smaller portion of beeswax mixed with the oil will help to seal in the moisture more, so the re-finishing will last longer.

We can't say exactly how often you need to maintain your board, as it depends on several factors including storage temperature and humidity, frequency of use, contact with soap (soap causes faster wear), etc.

Our Board Butter has the perfect blend of food safe mineral oil and pure beeswax to restore your boards to their former glory!

Each tin is 4 ounces, which should allow you to refinish an 18" x 12" hardwood cutting board at least 15 times, as each refinishing requires only a small dab of Board Butter.

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